Podenco Aid Foundation

When you are interested in adopting a podenco please visit their website at podenco-sos.tk

Podenco pups that were found in a skip.
Annelies Jacobs, founder of the Podenco Aid Foundation,
talking to a potential adoption family.
She is trying to sweep the floor but her dogs won't let her.
The mayor of Benissa in Alicante has forbidden
this little shed that was used by the dogs
when it was too hot in the sun or when it rained.
Oblivious of this fact (these photos were taken
one year before the shed had to be torn down)
Annelies is clearly enjoying the company of her dogs
This is a view on one of the 5 terraces where
PAF has its grounds.
The Husky you see on this photo (move your mousepointer
over the image) looks extremely skinny, but believe it or not
when it was found it was even more skinnier.
The caravan you see (use your mousepointer again)
is for rent if you would like to come here on holidays.
This Podenco is hunting something that it saw.
One of the other sleepingquarters of the dogs of PAF
(Podenco Aid Foundation)
A Podenco pup
The Podenco you see on the far side of the bed is seventeen years old.
It is possible to sponsor individual dogs for €13,- per year.
for more information please view:
more info please email podenco

Two adoption podencos.
may 2003

for more info please email podenco

A Podenco enjoying the sun on the cool tiles.
Podencos are prolific in this hillarea.
Tables provide a cool shade.
Unlike Galgos and Greyhounds, Podencos also use smell to hunt.
Outdoor living; the Podenco Aid Foundation is situated in a
very hot area of Spain, walls are not essential.
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Husky caravan 17 years old!!