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Greyhounds and Galgos are primarily used for hunting and track-racing, they are gentle, docile, sweet and patient dogs. After 1 to 3 seasons these dogs are sometimes discarded in a horrendous way. In Spain they are hung by their neck in trees, burnt with gasoline, buried alive or towed by a speeding car until they are dead. If they are lucky they are released in the streets where they are likely to be run over by cars. These 'strays' are occasionally caught and brought to the dog-pound or a shelter.

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Picture Galleries
Championship of the Galgohunt
These pictures show an impression of a typical Galgo hunt
Spaniards with their Galgos
Galgos are 'used' by different Spanish cultural groups
Dog Race track
The dog track in Barcelona
Galgo Race
A racetrack in Albacete.
Dog Horror
(!!Caution!! Graphic Pictures) remains of tortured Galgos
Finally Home
Adopted Galgos and Greyhounds and their new families in the Netherlands
Home in Barcelona
Adopted Galgos and Greyhounds and their new families in Spain
The Petition
Pictures of the presentation of 42000 autographs
The Spanish Shelters
Pictures of the dog-shelters in Spain

History of the Galgo
Page one
The origin of the Galgo Page I
Page two
The origin of the Galgo Page II
The rules of the Spanish Galgo hunt
Photographic exhibitions in the Netherlands and abroad
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